Wildflowers in June

This page is a record of all the flowers I found in Kalatope-Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamba during this month

I am extremely thankful to the members of the ‘Indiatreepix’ Google groups forum, especially Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Dr. Balkar, Dr. Tanay Bose, Dr, Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Nidhan, Nalini ji, Usha di and all others for their continued support and help in identification of flowers as also to Tabish ji for his informative web site www.flowersofindia.in. I am not a botanist.. but these resources have certainly made my work a lot easier.

I’d also like to point out that a lot of observations have not been identified with certainty on the ‘Indiatreepix’, but I have used their identifications coupled with internet research. If there are any faults in the identifications they are mine and not the responsibility of the members of ‘Indiatreepix’ forum.

Note: Some of these flowers may not be really wild … but have been included since they can be found in a lot of places in Dalhousie.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Alokji, All these flowers are from Himalayan range, and I have not studied this flora well. Pics are very good, and give proper idea of the plant.
    I think, one named ‘Hackelia’, looks like Paracaryopsis species. Pl confirm. I must admit that many of these flowers are unknown to me, and I would love to see those.
    Dr. Shreesh Kshirsagar, Nashik.

    • Dear Shreesh ji,
      I am not really a brilliant student of botany.. and I rely on various sources of online information for confirming the identifications… but I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Your feeling about this id being Paracaryopsis/Cyanoglossum would be right… but the main difference between Cyanoglossum and Hackelia is that the seed nutlets are partially attached to the receptacle (as in this one).
      Your compliment about my photographs makes me feel ashamed.. since I do know that they are as not really so clear (still learning photography) and I am not able to upload High-res photos due to lack of good connectivity…
      I DO hope that you’ll look through the rest of the photos at leisure and give me your feedback..
      Alok Mahendroo

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