Wild flowers of Kalatope-Khajjiar Sanctuary

Dalhousie and digital photography… both happened to come in our lives almost at the same time. Owning a basic Nikon 2100 as our piece of equipment, we tried to capture every beautiful flower, fungi, scenery, bug, object… that we came across. Some time ago, we got into the habit of trying to identify whatever we came across… and it was then I REALLY started noticing things… earlier we would photograph things when we came across them… but now we searched for them… As we did … we realised that there were a lot of wild flowers that we did not know anything about….. We bought a bible of wild flowers: ‘The flowers of Himalayas, which I think every Indian flower lover would know about and as I searched on the internet I came across a few jewels of Indian web sites… like ‘Flowers of Indiaand a great google forum called ‘efloraofindia’ e-group (https://groups.google.com/group/indiantreepix?hl=en).. my heartiest gratitude to these people for helping me identify a lot of flowers and I hope that whatever I find can also contribute to their archives of knowledge….

The monthly links given below, lead to the pages where the flowers found during that month are listed along with the ‘medicinal properties‘, of the plants.

However I am still working on these pages and the data is still incomplete on some of the pages…

Any error report or feedback for these pages would be welcome. You can give your feedback at forwildlife (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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