Moths – Pyralidae

Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae, Locastra sp (c.f. L.muscosalis)

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Saccada sp

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Pyralini, Toccolosida rubriceps

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Endotrichini, Endotricha sp

Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae, Salma sp.

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Pyralini, Heterocrasa expansalis

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Orybina flaviplaga

Crambidae, Spilomelinae, Syngamia falsidicalis

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Tamraca torridalis

Pyralidae, Pyralinae, Pyralis sp

Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae, maybe Coenodomus sp

Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae


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