Moths of Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary

These pages showing the Moths species found in Kalatope Sanctuary, Chamba, Himachal, are dedicated to Dr. Roger C. Kendrick, Director, C&R Wildlife, Tai Po, Hong Kong who has identified majority of the Kalatope Sanctuary Moths and Peter Smetacek, Butterfly Research Centre, Bhimtal, Nainital, India, without whose help I would not even have started on the butterfly and Moth spotting.

I have in the hyper-linked pages mentioned below tried to sort out the Moths spotted in Kalatope Sanctuary according to the Family, Sub-family, Tribe, Genus/species. It has been a great exercise to sort out the taxonomic details of these moths under the guidance of Dr. Roger Kendrick and gave me a lot of understanding (still not enough) about them…

The additions to these pages will be done time and again as I come across more Moths during this season…. but this is just a beginning. In case you spot any mistakes, please DO write to me through the feedback form or mail me at forwildlife (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Moths of Kalatope Sanctuary



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  1. It will be a good idea if you make Roger and Peter as co-authors for your paper. It is a good way to reciprocate their support.

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