Butterflies of Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary

The credit for awakening my interest in butterflies, goes to a friend, who came to Dalhousie and showed me his collection of Butterflies he had recorded here. But, I seriously started documenting them spring 2011, when during a field trip, searching for wild flowers of Kalatope, I came across 10 species of butterflies in one small glade… Since then I have documented all the butterflies I came across during my field trips.

A lot of help has been given to me by the members of the ButterflyIndia group on the Facebook, especially Isaac Kehimkar and Peter Smetacek. However there are some observations I have self-deduced through internet research and may be wrong in my identifications. Any mistakes found in these pages is completely my responsibility and I would be grateful for any pointed out.

While this list I believe is not complete as yet… the work will continue to be updated and newer additions made to the pages.

I have tried to classify the butterflies according  to their families. Genus and species, followed by the common names as they are known in India. The following pages are created according to the family names:


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