Checklist of the Butterflies of Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary

A list of all the butterflies I could photograph during 2011 in the Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary. There were a few more (not on this list) that I could not photograph, but I had observed them…. maybe in the coming year I would be able to photograph them….

These photographs are listed according to their Families followed by the Latin names and lastly giving their common names.

Clicking on anyone of them leads to the Family photograph gallery page.


Hesperiidae, Celaenorrhinus pulomaya, Multispotted Flat

Hesperiidae, Pseudocoladenia dan, Fulvous pied flat

Hesperiidae, Pseudoborbo bevani, Bevan’s Swift

Hesperiidae, Choaspes benjaminii, Indian awlking


Papilionidae, Byasa polyeuctes, Common Windmill

Papilionidae, Graphium cloanthus, Glassy Bluebottle

Papilionidae, Papilio machaon, Common Yellow Swallowtail

Papilionidae, Papilio bianor polyctor, Common Peacock (male)

Papilionidae, Papilio bianor polyctor, Common Peacock

Papilionidae, Papilio protenor, Spangle


Pieridae, Aporia leucodice, Himalayan Blackvein

Pieridae, Belenois aurota, Pioneer

Pieridae, Colias fieldii, Dark Clouded Yellow

Pieridae, Delias belladonna, Hill Jezebel

Pieridae, Eurema hecabe, Common Grass Yellow

Pieridae, Gonepteryx rhamni, Common Brimstone

Pieridae, Pieris brassicae, Large Cabbage White

Pieridae, Pieris canidia, Indian Cabbage White

Pieridae, Pontia daplidice, Peak White


Lycaenidae, Arhopala dodonaea, Pale Himalayan Oakblue

Lycaenidae, Arhopala ganesa, Tailless Bushblue

Lycaenidae, Arhopala rama, Dark Himalayan Oakblue

Lycaenidae, Aricia agestis, Brown Argus

Lycaenidae, Celastrina huegelii, Large Hedge Blue

Lycaenidae, Dodona durga, Common Punch

Lycaenidae, Dodona eugenes, Tailed Punch

Lycaenidae, Euchrysops cnejus, Gram blue

Lycaenidae, Everes argiades, Tailed Cupid

Lycaenidae, Heliophorus androcles, Green Sapphire

Lycaenidae, Heliophorus bakeri, Western Blue Sapphire

Lycaenidae, Heliophorus brahma, Golden sapphire

Lycaenidae, Heliophorus sena, Sorrel Saphire

Lycaenidae, Lampides boeticus, Pea blue

Lycaenidae, Leptotes plinius, Zebra blue

Lycaenidae, Lycaena pavana, White bordered copper

Lycaenidae, Neozephyrus birupa, Fawn hairstreak

Lycaenidae, Prosotas nora, Common Lineblue

Lycaenidae, Rapala nissa, Common Flash

Lycaenidae, Talicada nyseus, Red pierrot

Lycaenidae, Zizeeria karsandra, Dark Grass blue

Lycaenidae, Zizina otis, Lesser Grass Blue


Nymphalidae, Aglais cashmirensis, Indian Tortoiseshell

Nymphalidae, Argyreus hyperbius, Indian Fritillary

Nymphalidae, Ariadne merione, Common Castor

Nymphalidae, Athyma opalina, Himalayan Sergent

Nymphalidae, Aulocera saraswati, Striated satyr

Nymphalidae, Aulocera swaha, Common satyr

Nymphalidae, Callerebia annada, Ringed Argus

Nymphalidae, Callerebia nirmala, Common Argus

Nymphalidae, Childrena childreni, Large Silverstripe

Nymphalidae, Cyrestis thyodamas, Common Map

Nymphalidae, Euploea mulciber, Striped Blue Crow

Nymphalidae, Hipparchia parisatis, White-edged rockbrown

Nymphalidae, Junonia almana, Peacock pansy

Nymphalidae, Junonia hierta, Yellow Pansy

Nymphalidae, Junonia iphita, Chocolate Pansy

Nymphalidae, Junonia orithiya, Blue Pansy

Nymphalidae, Kaniska canace, Blue Admiral

Nymphalidae, Lasiommata schakra, Common Wall

Nymphalidae, Lethe rohria, Common Treebrown

Nymphalidae, Lethe sidonis, Common Woodbrown

Nymphalidae, Lethe verma, Straight-Banded Treebrown

Nymphalidae, Libythea lepita, Common Beak

Nymphalidae, Libythea myrrha, Club Beak

Nymphalidae, Melanitis leda, Common evening Brown

Nymphalidae, Neptis mahendra, Himalayan Sailer

Nymphalidae, Neptis sappho, Common glider

Nymphalidae, Parantica sita, Chestnut tiger

Nymphalidae, Phalanta phalantha, Common Leopard

Nymphalidae, Polyura athamas, Common nawab

Nymphalidae, Pseudergolis wedah, Tabby

Nymphalidae, Sephisa dichroa, Western courtier

Nymphalidae, Symbrenthia lilaea, Common Jester

Nymphalidae, Vanessa indica, Indian Red Admiral

Nymphalidae, Vanessa cardui, Painted Lady

Nymphalidae, Ypthima nareda, Large Threering

Nymphalidae, Ypthima nikaea, West Himalayan Five-ring

Nymphalidae, Ypthima sakra, Himalayan Five-ring


5 Responses

  1. Well done, Alok. Some small modificaitons: Byasa dasarada; Papilio bianor polyctor; Aricia agestis is a Lycaenid; Symbrenthia lilaea, not hippoclus; Perhaps you have Aglais cashmirensis, not rizana; am chacking Eurema andersoni and Ypthima newara and will get back to you… otherwise fine.

  2. Herewith the remainder: Ypthima nareda, not newara; Pontia daplidice, not callidice; Eurema hecabe, not andersoni; certainly Aglais cashmirensis, not rizana…Callerebia annada,not annanda…

  3. sorry to be so persistent, but both the aristolochiae and dasarada are Byasa polyeuctes…

    • THANK YOU for the persistence Peter!!

      I am grateful for your corrections and guidance…

      You have been a GREAT help in the identifications and accuracy of this data and I am sure all those who visit these pages would benefit from that.

  4. Amazing work Alok…

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