Kalatope Sanctuary’s bio-diversity

This blog has primarily been created for showcasing the bio-diversity of the Kalatope Wildlife sanctuary. For those who are not aware of the whereabouts of this nondescript little forested belt.. it is near the touristic town of Dalhousie, Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh in India (a Himalayan paradise now being destroyed by the ravages of mankind). The co-ordinates for Kalatope Sanctuary are 32.55157 N, 76.01834 E.

An effort has been made in the pages given on the left to categorize and highlight various aspects of the sanctuary. The research and identification of species residing in these beautiful forests is an ongoing process and these pages will be updated again. Those interested in the Himalayan bio-diversity, especially of the surrounding areas of Dalhousie in Chamba district or the adjoining Dharamsala in Kangra district can keep an eye out for the new additions.

Identifications are categorized according to the month they have been first observed, to help people easily find the flowers, fungi and the latest section on butterflies and soon to be added moths of Kalatope.