A wild tale (tail)….

Wishes do come true sometimes….!! Don’t they..??

Recently, I was gifted a new camera… like a dream come true… Good zoom capabilities.. nothing very fancy but at the same time just about right for my amateurish capabilities…

Early next morning, I woke up with a hope of getting some good wildlife photographs. Creeping out of the house silently, I went out to try my luck… suddenly I heard the clicking sound of a ‘Grey Goral‘ a wild goat-antelope (Naemorhedus goral)…..

Usually the Goral (which has very sharp hearing) would be wary and bound off at the slightest sound. Even the sound of a camera 200 metres away is enough to warn it. And as luck would have it .. I saw it as soon as I stepped out of my house… but true to it’s capabilities, it heard my camera’s sound and with a snort it bounded off down the steep slope below our house… with a curse I went around trying to locate it.. but, it was of no use…

I came back dejected and was about to go in the house when I spotted another one bounding down the slope.. quick as a flash I whipped up the camera and took a photo.. my hands were still not very steady with the camera (it is rather heavy for a point-and-shoot) but with the good zooming capabilities I could get a clear shot even at that distance…. I was PLEASED… !! Till now I had never managed to get a good photo of a Goral…

By this time it had bounded down the slope… I sneaked ahead hoping to catch another sight of it when I heard a rustle below me in the bushes… and I saw it there hiding behind the barberry bushes… it was a baby Goral…

Seeing me it ran off towards the other end of the field and I thought that I had lost it… for Gorals are very fast and can jump off a steep slope without a thought and disappear really fast… but then it stopped and turned back as if in answer to my prayers…. for the next ten minutes I stood there mesmerised watching it’s antics where it stomped it’s feet as if to warn me to stay away and tried to appear menacing with its clicking sound (which actually sound like hiccups)… finally we parted ways.. it going to it’s wild domain and me back to my lair…

Thankfully I did manage to remember to take a few photographs.. and as I returned back home.. I did remember that sometimes wishes are answered….

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