Lichens.. and Fungi.. March

The world of Lichens and fungi is quite fascinating… especially since I know that the species found in these particular parts of Himalayas have not really been recorded…. Makes me feel like an ‘Explorer’, discovering new things… Of course till now I cannot say that I have really discovered anything new since most of what I have found has been recorded somewhere or the other in the world…. But in the field of Fungi especially, the Mycologists are reorganising the taxonomical structure, since the introduction of genome mapping they had to re-structure the whole thing.. and what were till now a part of one family, find themselves assigned to another family together…

Discina, polypores, Phycomyces, Metatrichia, Sarcoscypha, Rhizopogon, Hypoxylon, Lycogala, Myxomycota, Schizophyllum commune, Astraeus, Panellus, Ramalina, Agrocybe, Xylaria, Tramates, Auricularia, Lichens and fungi… will remain just tongue twisters and mysteries till seen in reality for the beauty they possess… (although some of it might require a microscope)… And someday, I may be able to lay my hands on a microscope and be able to precisely list what are the species found here…. Who knows what all we might……

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