The ‘Jungle’ tales….

Every walk in the forest is a new experience.. each time a different tale to see. Especially, when one starts to understand the language of nature and the life that inhabits the forests. Animals, do not come up to us and  introduce themselves… they leave their signature all around and it is up to us to read the signs… I marvel at the old timers who could tell by the rustling of leaves, or by the way the ground was disturbed, if there was an animal around… for me most of the time it is wind moving the leaves… but I am learning…. ( I’ve put records of animal tracks on the page ‘Animal tracks…’ since  did not find much information on the Internet about things like Ghoral tracks, martens or droppings of animals…)

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One can see easily, when the animal had passed, by the freshness of the tracks.. and poking the droppings .. (yuk… yuk…) you don’t have to poke the scat with hands..!!. But reading all these signs makes a forest walk really interesting… for most part, animals would try to avoid human contact…. thankfully.. but reading the signs also make you aware of the nearness or how recently had any particular animal had been there… and avoid them…

Usually, I’ve noticed that the animals mark out their areas and one would notice their droppings or prints in a particular place signifying their habits, making it easier to avoid them… on the other hand making it easier to hunt them too…..

This along with the beautiful wild flowers, butterflies, bugs, beetles, trees, cool breeze or the misty mountains, etc… make it worthwhile being in the mountains anywhere in the world. But when I see all the tourists (mostly my own countrymen) coming to Dalhousie (Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, India) and for that matter anywhere in the Himalayas, and sighing painfully and complaining… what is there to see here… so borrrrring…. no excitement…!! I feel like sending them instantly down the hill… and wondering why they came here at all…

Unfortunately we have no Nature education center’s running next to each wildlife area.. if that had been the case we could have more informed and environmentally sensitized people…  But, a trend of getting tourist groups as eco-trail tourism has been catching on … just hope these people will keep to the peripheral forest areas and not litter them, or, spread noise pollution and scare away the animals.

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