the lost wisdom….

When I started collecting the data about the flowers of Kalatope-Khajjiar Wildlife sanctuary, I found various interesting facts about them. The most amazing were about the medicinal uses of the plants. In fact, most of the plants, I found in the sanctuary, were either used medicinally or were edible.

The two flowers I had written aboutPrinsepia utilis’ and Daphne bholua var. glacialis’ in my last post, also as it turned out, had traditional medicinal uses in Nepal.

The oil from the seed of ‘Prinsepia utilis’, is applied externally as a treatment for rheumatism and muscular pain caused by fatigue and also applied to the forehead and temples in the treatment of coughs and colds. The fruit is also used in Chinese medicine. Reference.

The juice of the roots, of ‘Daphne bholua’, combined with molasses, is used in the treatment of fevers and intestinal problems and a decoction of it’s bark is used to treat fevers. The leaves are also crushed and used for sinusitis.

Amazing….!! But the disturbing fact is that people are leaving this knowledge of their ancestors and relying more and more upon the antibiotic medicine, leading to more complications than cure…..

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  1. Enlightenment! what you say is true about leaving traditional knowledge and turning to antibiotics, but what is more important is whether it is preserved anywhere? I think it is a commendable research that you are doing and can’t wait for the complete report – would be interesting to know what other surprises are hidden deep in the stillness of the forests. 🙂

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