The end of a winter….

Even before the last of the snows melted…. there were new signs of life.. of the coming spring… beautiful flowers, delicate buds and new leaves that are budding.

Prinsepia utilis

The first flower to appear heralding the change of season was ‘Prinsepia utilis’, a thorny shrub with white flowers and pinkish buds belonging to the Rose family (Rosaceae)…. I have often observed that each season has predominance of flowers of a certain colour and as I progress along with this weblog maybe we’ll be able to prove that.

Daphne bholua var. glacialis

Meanwhile, soon after the appearance of ‘Prinsepia utilis’ we were out for a walk and come across a leafless shrub, the tips of the branches were pink with the flower buds and white flowers…. This was ‘Daphne bholua var. glacialis’. Daphne has also been traditionally used for paper making. and there in Nepal it is still made and called ‘Lokta‘ paper.

Now you know what I meant by similar colours of a season…

As the month of January slipped by, gradually the leaves and buds started appearing and by February there was plenty more to see…. all that for another post…

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  1. What about Cherry flowers?

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